The time it takes LONITÉ to make a cremation diamond from cremation ashes depends on the size and color of the diamond. Diamonds with a bigger carat size takes longer time to grow. Purely Colorless™ diamonds require additional purification of the cremated remains and therefore take longer than Naturally Amber™ cremation diamonds.

The following table shows representative times it takes to turn ashes into diamonds. cremation diamonds that are larger are at the higher end of the range.

Diamond Color

Naturally Amber™

Greenish Yellow



Purely Colorless™
Production Time *
6 - 9 months
7 - 10 months
7 - 10 months
8 - 11 months
9 - 12 months

* Note: Estimated time for 0.5 ct diamond

* Logistics lead time not included.

Note: Actual time is dependent upon the ordered size.

Atoms Tracing on Chemical Density.

Although memorial diamond from cremated ashes look both optically and chemically the same as a natural diamond, experts at LONITÉ are able to tell the difference. Using precise technological and scientific tools they can differentiate between genuine cremation diamonds by measuring minute differences in the carbon atoms and chemical density.

LONITÉ cremation diamond origin analysis on hair and cremated bones img 1 LONITÉ cremation diamond origin analysis on hair and cremated bones img 1

Fluorescence and luminescence tracing are commonly used in diamond analysis under special environments such as short wave ultra-violet light. The LONITÉ laboratory uses more extensive and advanced examination tools.

Certification of Origin with Analysis Report.

All LONITÉ cremation diamonds are accompanied with certification of origin and a process analysis report documenting the scientific proof that a LONITÉ diamond originates from the ashes of the client’s loved one.

Verified by Independent Research Institutes.

The indicated analysis records, laboratory data, chemical and physical factors, can be re-verified and validated by any independent certification and quality control institute.

Photos of the intermediate steps.

In addition to our scientifically proven certification methodology, LONITÉ is pleased to also provide photos and videos of the important transformation steps upon request. The process takes several months; the photos and videos you receive will give you confidence and comfort in the services we guarantee and provide.

The carbon content in ashes and hair varies greatly. In certain countries, we have found the carbon content is distinctly lower because of the higher temperature and higher oxygen levels used in their local cremation process. As a result, to ensure the cremation diamond comes solely from the ashes or hair you provide, LONITÉ will ask you to provide more than needed.

LONITÉ carefully processes and purifies all materials (ashes or hair) received through the initial steps required to turn ashes into diamonds. The necessary amount of carbon from the cremation remains undergoes the transformation process to become a cremation diamond. The remaining carbon, in graphite powder form, is kept at our facility as part of our risk control protocol.

After we are certain it is no longer needed as supplemental material for your memorial diamond, we respectfully cremate the carbon individually in a mini furnace. Because our process is so precise, we are able to then return the remaining carbon to your family if requested when you place your order for your cremation diamond.

Color Formation of Natural Diamonds
Natural diamonds are formed deep underground in the mantle of the Earth, and are subjected to different environmental factors: pressure, density, temperature, magnetic field, electron waves and radiation. To turn ashes into diamonds, LONITÉ experts have reproduced these natural environmental factors inside our laboratory. Cremation diamonds capture the essence of your loved ones by taking on fabulous colors during the diamond crystallization process.

Color Formation of Cremation Diamonds
Our dedicated team of scientists and engineers has expertly developed different processing procedures and environments to create the wide array of diamond colors offered by LONITÉ. The following table is representative of the technologies and procedures used to make diamonds from cremation ashes in each innovative cremation diamond color.

Diamond Color

Naturally Amber™

Greenish Yellow



Purely Colorless™

Naturally grown under standard procedures
HPHT processing at
nitrogen content 1ppm
- 1000ppm;
Electrons irritating at
1KeV - 100MeV
Annealing at 500°C -
5000°C under 100kPa
- 20GPa;
HPHT processing
Through specialised
purifying to ensure
Boron content 1ppm
- 1000ppm
Highest purity from
the most complex
technology with the
longest growing time

[*] Data range is enlarged to protect technical secrets of how LONITÉ creates a cremation remains diamond..

Explanation from GIA
According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), ”HPHT stands for high-pressure, high-temperature. The process is an effective tool for changing the color of certain diamonds, making them colorless, pink, blue, green, gold green, or gold.
(GIA: Gemological Institute Of America (2012) Changing the Natural Essence of the Diamond. 4Cs Education, archived on Aug. 15, 2012,

LONITÉ has an established and risk-free logistics system for both cremation remains and memorial diamonds. Our network comes from years of experience in creating diamonds from cremation ashes and consists of both segmented shipping and scheduled intercontinental shipments. LONITÉ partners with only the most secure and reliable couriers to ensure the safe and prompt delivery of your cremation diamond. LONITÉ gives you a hands-on option to track your order within our system.

In addition, our internal protocols established to turn ashes to diamonds eliminate risk at each step in the process. We have policies that require both the sending and the receiving departments to verify the identity of every item as it moves through the purification and transformation process. We value and protect the identity of your loved ones cremated remains and the carbon derived from those ashes.

  • Cremation ashes 8 oz200 g
  • Cremated bones 10 oz300 g
  • Hair 0.4 oz10 g
  • Pet fur/feathers 0.6 oz18 g
  • -->
  • ounce(oz)gram(g)
  1. Cremation bones means pieces of bone larger than 20 mm that remain after the cremation process. Bones contain relatively less carbon than powdery cremated ashes which normally measure around 1-5 mm.
  2. Combining carbon sources is accepted, e.g. 5 grams of hair plus 100 grams of ashes
  3. The natural color and type of hair, as well as any artificial hair dye, does not affect the diamond color. Carbon derived from hair or any source is purified as we grow diamonds from cremation ashes.
  4. The carbon content in hair or ashes commonly varies greatly from family to family. We request each family to also supply 0.4 ounce (10 grams) of supplement hair as a backup with each cremation diamond order.
  5. The amounts listed above for diamonds after death are fixed. This volume is required regardless of the diamond size that has been ordered. The diamond synthesis equipment requires a standardized amount of carbon to turn ashes into diamonds. Larger diamonds are achieved by allowing more growing time in the synthetic environment used to make diamonds from cremated ashes.
  6. The amounts listed above are for up to three diamonds. The required amount of ashes for more than three diamonds depends on both the number and size of the total diamonds ordered. Please contact us for more information.
  7. Human ashes and hair are chemically very similar to those of pet ashes and fur. This means the required amount for pet ashes and hair is the same as for human cremated remains and hair.

Yes, extra amounts are accepted.Supplemental amounts are suggested to turn ashes into diamonds.

If ordering a diamond after death and creamation, you may also provide all the ashes from the cremation process. We will respectfully process them all, utilize what is necessary to create the memorial diamond or diamonds you order and individually incinerate the remaining carbon in what we call a Diamond Burial.

If this is the cirmcumstance, please inform us. We will supply you with enough containers and sealing packages for the total volume of cremation ashes you.

Yes, we are more than happy to work with you to create a solution that is most suitable for you and your family. We have worked to turn ashes into diamonds in the tragic case of the death of an infant. We also face this situation with the order of multiple diamonds to supply enough cremation diamonds for a large family. You may choose not want to send us all the cremation ashes for personal reasons.

If you simply do not have enough cremation ashes or hair from the deceased, family members can provide supplement hair amounts.

There are no extra charges or fees for mixed carbon sources.